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Sulphur Element

     Sulphur is one of the earth abundant elements with the chemical symbol S. It is known with its yellow bright color. In industry it is widely used in sulphuric acid production, agricultural, medical, food, paper and rubber industry. Previously it is sourced from volcanic zones on earth surface or a drilling process using hot air steam. However, recently it is recovered from oil refinery process. With the help of technology, refineries reduces Sulphur Dioxide emission, which highly pollutes atmosphere and cause acid rains, almost zero.

Kimtar is main supplier of Turkish refined sulphur

With its 20 years of commodity background, Kimtar supply high quality Tupraş Sulphur. We obtain sulphur in bulk amounts and distrubute it to all over the world. In international eastern market, Kimtar also supply Qatar, UAE  and Saudi Arabia'n sulphur as international transit trading. 

Granular Sulphur

Granular or granul sulphur is the a form of  sulphur that easy to handle, has a custom shape and seems like pea grains. Granular sulphur is also produced in refineries but with an additional process with respect to lump sulphur. Molten liquid sulphur is sprayed in granulator unit and exposed to a rapid cooling where sulphur particles are created.

It has high purity sulphur with a rigid shape. It is convenient to be used in agriculture with the help of agricultural machines.  Kimtar supplies high quality granular sulphur with a minimum purity of %99,50.

Kimtar's 2018 Lump Sulphur Projection

Below graphs are projected for year 2018 in the light of last 5 years' financial data of Kimtar Chemicals.  


                             * Indicated amounts are in thousand MT                                                              * Indicated percentages are only for granular sulphur


Kimtar's Sulphur Business

Sulphur is our business. We are always at your disposal to deliver sulphur anywhere in the world.