Mikronize Kükürt

Sulphur Element

Sulphur is one of the earth abundant elements with the chemical symbol S. It is known with its yellow bright color. In industry it is widely used in sulphuric acid production, agricultural, medical, food, paper and rubber industry. Previously it is sourced from volcanic zones on earth surface or a drilling process using hot air steam. However, recently it is recovered from oil refinery process. With the help of technology, refineries reduces Sulphur Dioxide emission, which highly pollutes atmosphere and cause acid rains, almost zero.


Powdered / Micronized Sulphur

Micronized means divided into tiny particles for a crystalline structure solid. In sulphur industry micronized sulphur is also called as powdered sulphur. The reason to micronize sulphur is to increase its surface area. As a physicochemical fact, the rate of a chemical reaction increases with increasing surface area.  That means reaction is faster if surface area enlarged.

This chemical rule means powdered sulphur is much more efficient in soil treatment and plant protection in practically when compared to lump sulphur. Technically it is a matter of solubility and the timing of effectivity can be adjusted by choosing the right size of powdered sulphur.

Generally micronized sulphur is used in plants protection, fertilizer industry and rubber treatment. One other very common use of powdered sulphur is matches. Brown head safety matches include powdered sulphur as a combustion material. Kimtar supplies high quality micronized sulphur with a minimum purity of %99,50.

Kimtar Manufactures Micronized (Powdered) Sulphur

In Izmir plant, Kimtar processes micronized sulphur with different mesh sizes. In powder industry, there is an inverse ration between mesh size and particle size. The common mesh sizes are; 400 mesh = 38 micron, 325 mesh = 45 micron, 270 mesh = 53 micron, 200 mesh = 75 micron, 100 mesh = 150 micron in particle diameter where 1 milimeter is 1000 micron. We are able to produce industrially used smallest size sulphur with 325 mesh size. 

Since a powder solid under a certain size is volatile, powdered sulphur must be packed and transported correctly. Kimtar is an expert also in packing and transporting of sulphur. 

Kimtar's 2018 Micronized Sulphur Projection

Below grafics are projected for year 2018 in the light of last 5 years' financial data of Kimtar Chemicals.  


                             * Indicated amounts are in thousand MT                                                                      * Indicated percentages are only for micronized sulphur


Kimtar's Micronized Sulphur Business

Sulphur is our business. We are always at your disposal to deliver sulphur anywhere in the world.