The rich content of nutrients in the complex (NP/NPK) fertilizers improves the quality and the yields of the crops, due to the presence of balanced formulas with different content of Nitrogen (N)Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K).

The balanced nutrition of the plants, after fertilization with complex (NPK)  fertilizers increases the plant’s resistance to diseases, pests and their susceptibility to stress.

Nitrogen (N) is the main nutrient that helps the plant to grow.

Phosphorus (P)  is a very important nutrient responsible during the initial phases of the plant development as well as during ripening. It helps during the development of the plant’s root system and improves the plant’s resistance to stress

Potassium (K)  this nutrient ameliorates the plant’s water and nutrient absorption, for a balanced development of the crops. Mostly, (K) improves the content of proteins, tasting and visible qualities of the fruits